Zodiac Hydroxinator iQ

Hydroxinator® iQ PRO
  • Premium grade gold tip ORP sensor for chlorine management
  • Premium grade pH sensor for water balance
  • Ultra-long life RP cell
  • Variable-speed pump control
  • Smart temperature sensor
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Smart design with health in mind.

Equipped with AquaLink control, a smart temperature sensor and much more, the all new Hydroxinator® iQ PRO from Zodiac combines cutting-edge technology with beautiful design to provide the ultimate mineral pool water management solution.

Long-life RP cell

  • These upgraded automatic cleaning cell plates have an ultra-long life, combined with smart tech in the chlorine production that will provide years of performance.

Multi-colour light control

  • Control your pool light(s) directly from the chlorinator (or your smart phone with iAquaLink). This feature requires additional relay box to connect. Ask your nearest dealer for more information.

Pool cover mode

  • Allows you to connect an automatic pool cover that will automatically drop the output to your desired level without having to do a thing.

Smart temperature sensor

  • Automatically regulates output in cold water which prevents excessive wear and tear on your cell, helping to reduce costs

Variable-speed pump control

  • Provides greater control over pump speed and helps reduce energy consumption. The Hydroxinator can communicate to RS485 enabled pumps.

iAquaLink enabled

  • Features a built-in WiFi chip that allows you to monitor and control remotely, for complete control at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Automated water chemistry control

  • Monitors and manages your basic water parameters, keeping pH levels in balance and perfectly regulated. The Hydroxinator also features automated chlorine management via a commercial grade ORP sensor.
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